The UNCG Classical Society is dedicated to promoting knowledge and appreciation of the Greco-Roman world.

Meetings for Spring 2017: Wednesdays at 1pm, MHRA 1302

“φιλοσοφία καὶ ἑταιρεία” is the Greek motto of the UNCG Classical Society. φιλοσοφία, coming from the stems φίλος, or love, and σοφία, wisdom, is a word that means a love of knowledge. ἑταιρεία comes from the word ἑταῖρος, meaning comrade or disciple, and best translates to something like brotherhood. To that end, the mission of the Classical Society can be described as “the promotion of knowledge and appreciation of the Greco-Roman world and the creation of strong bonds of camaraderie between its members”. The Classical Society hosts several recreational and outreach events each year in the name of promoting Classics within the Greensboro and North Carolina communities, and also hosts weekly meetings throughout the academic year, open to members of the UNC Greensboro community. All are welcome.

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Classics Day

Classics Day is a multi-event festival at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro that celebrates some of the highlights of classical Greece and Rome. It is planned, organized, and carried out by the members and advisor of the student-run Classical Society, which is sponsored by the UNCG Department of Classical Studies, and with assistance from faculty in the department. Grants from the UNCG Student Government Association, the North Carolina Junior Classical League, and the Classical Association of the Middle West and South’s Committee for the Promotion of Latin have supported the event, as have funds generated through member dues and fundraisers.

The Seventh Annual Classics Day will be held April 1, 2017.

Classics Symposium (formerly the Central Carolina Classics Conference)

The UNCG Classical Society holds an annual UNCG Classics Symposium for the presentation of student research.  This symposium is open to any undergraduate student at UNCG or a school within reasonable travel distance who has written a paper on a subject related to the civilizations of classical Greece and/or Rome, or of intersections between them and other ancient Mediterranean civilizations.  The papers presented at this symposium typically include meaningful reference to secondary scholarly sources and/or take an interdisciplinary approach to their topic, though any excellent work dealing with the classical world will receive full consideration.  Presentations at the symposium are 15 minutes in length, followed by a 5-minute question/answer period.

The Fourth Annual Classics Symposium has been cancelled.