Classical Society Officers for 2016-2017

President · Consul · Ὕπατος

Brandi Mauldin

21122027_10214208213742626_617005584_nBrandi Mauldin is a Classics major who is currently finishing her second undergraduate degree. She hopes to go on to graduate school for a doctorate in Classics or Art History. Her main interests are in digital humanities, the globalization of Alexander the Great, women’s roles in the ancient world, mentions of the supernatural, and anyone who enjoyed a little rebellion (particularly against Rome). She is honored to be president of the Classical Society and hopes to make it a great year for all involved.


Vice President · Praetor · Πραίτωρ

Elijah Mears

ejmearsElijah Mears is a senior majoring in Classical Languages & Literature with a minor in Archaeology. His major areas of interest within classics are late Ciceronian rhetoric, ancient sexuality, and Catullus (sometimes all at once). After his undergraduate career, he plans to pursue graduate school with the hope of gaining a PhD.


Secretary · Quaestor · Γραμματεύς

Sarah Duncan

Sarah DuncanSarah Duncan is a senior pursuing dual majors in Classical Studies with a concentration in civilization as well as a major in History. Personal interests include world mythologies, battlefield archaeology, and temple construction. The Mediterranean and Middle East are of particular interest to her. She is amazed to be chosen as Secretary and can’t wait to work with her fellow officers this coming year.


Treasurer · Aedilis · Ἀγορανόμος

Dominique Dantzler


Symposium Chair · Praeses Symposii · Συμπόσιου Ἡγεμών

Hannah Wagner



What’s up, her name is Hannah Wagner and She is the Symposium Chair! She is a classics major who intends to teach Latin. She really like cats a lot. She also believes in always having fun and looking for ways to have fun in everyday mundane​ life. Roma a morte.


Tribune of the Webs · Tribunus Interretialis · Δήμαρχος Διαδικτύου

Anna Nolta

img_1295.jpgAnna Nolta is a 4th year student studying Classical Civilization and Archaeology. Her interests in those fields include ancient cartography, mythology, female led cults, as well as alcohol during classical antiquity.


Faculty Advisor · Consuasor · Συμβούλος

Dr. Jonathan Zarecki

Dr. Jonathan ZareckiDr. Zarecki is an Associate Professor at UNCG and has been with the faculty since 2006. His research focuses on the history and literature of the Late Republic, specifically the breakdown of the Roman constitution and the transition from republic to empire. His primary interest lies in Cicero’s writings, with particular focus on the letters and philosophical works. His other research interests include Latin historiography, Horatian lyric poetry, and ancient warfare.